How To Setup a MyEtherWallet


Go to, and in the section “Create New Wallet”, enter a strong but easy to remember password and click the “Generate Wallet” button. Do not forget it. This encrypts (protects) your private key. It does not generate your private key. This password alone will not be enough to access your Ether.

Download your Keystore / UTC file & save this file to a USB drive. This is the encrypted version of your private key. You need the password to access it. It is safer than your unencrypted private key but you must have your password to access it in the future.

Click to the button “I Understand. Continue”. Print your paper wallet backup and/or carefully hand-write the private key on a piece of paper. If you are writing it, it is recommend you write it 2 or 3 times. This decreases the chance your messy handwriting will prevent you from accessing your wallet later.

Copy & paste your address into a text document somewhere. Search your address on Bookmark this page. This is how you will view your balance at any time. In this example the address can be found on:

Contact for help