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Why CarSmartt?

Our vision is a better and more sustainable future for road transportation. A future in which empowered drivers and users can benefit from a reliable, fair, transparent mobility marketplace. CarSmartt is a mobility company that is revolutionizing the transportation ecosystem. The platform allows drivers to earn a sustainable income and users to make significant savings during short and long trips. CarSmartt pools drivers and users together through its decentralized platform that offers earning/saving benefits to both parties. Thanks to its innovative blockchain technology enabled smart contracts, CarSmartt can ensure secure transactions, complete privacy and guaranteed payment. The company features a disrupting service, backed by a unique technology solution for a fast growing market. CarSmartt is building a democratic decentralized & emancipated mobility ecosystem with the following benefits:

  • Drivers earn significantly more, than current solutions, thanks to a transparent & fair flat fee pricing model.
  • Users save money on transportation while being able to choose who they want to ride with, based on ratings or costs. Short or long rides. For themselves or parcels.
  • Car owners make money on their car when not in use it, by renting it to a trusted driver qualified by CarSmartt
  • Investors participate in the disruption of a highly profitable business model
  • The planet benefits from reducing the impact of cars on the environment
over Bus Fare
over Train Fare
over Air Fare

Our mission is to democratize mobility and create a decentralized and emancipated ecosystem for
road transportation: More economic, efficient, transparent, eco-friendly and fair. Fair earnings for
drivers & car owners and outstanding service and savings for users of the service.

Our Tokens
What is CoinSmartt?

Coinsmartt is going to be utilized on the CarSmartt platform within its own eco system to facilitate payment processing between drivers and users.  Drivers pay a monthly subscription with coinsmartt tokens and may pick up as many Riders who need to get somewhere as fast as possible.

Ideal for Drivers

The other Rideshare companies usually hire Drivers  as independent contractors while making them work as employees. As independent contractors, drivers are not given any benefits while they still need to provide all the maintenance cost for the vehicles as well as healthcare. CarSmartt eliminates one size fits all pricing by charging a monthly subscription to its Drivers that can now pick up as many Riders as desired

Rent A Ride

The newest feature “Jack Your Ride” enables pre approved Riders to have the ability to immediately rent one of CarSmartt Driver’s car. CarSmart is changing the way we rent vehicles leaving only the inspection of the Drivers vehicle and fuel gauge to worry about.

Monetizing your private data

Coinsmartt participants can choose to sell their private data in exchnage for TURN tokens. Car Insurance, automobile maintenence retailers can now obtain potential customers information like insurances expiration dates, GPS locations or even know when a car might need tires or an oil change.

Package Delivery & AI

The ultimate solution that CarSmartt
is working on is an AI Driverless vehicle
for delivering packages.
Carsmarrt is currently engaged in package delivery with conventional drivers, However we believe that the future of ridesharing and package delivery is AI driver-less vehicles. We feel that Carsmartt is on the forefront of this radical new technology by implementing this feature.

Holders of the underlying token called TURN will receive a 10% discount on all rideshares as well as rentals.

Through the initial coin offering this ownership will be widely distributed.

Token Holders may use TURN on the network to RideShare.

In order to make the TURN token distribution process more efficient, the TURN price will now be linked to BTC:

1 TURN = 0.0000005 BTC

  • 10% Ecocystem Discounts
  • 15% Team and Management
  • 40% Main ICO
  • 15% Reserve
  • 20% Pre ICO Sales
  • 15% A.I. Self Driving Vehicles
  • 34% Software Development & Upgrades
  • 1% Legal Operations
  • 40% Marketing & PR
  • 10% Founding Team



- Public Press Release
- ERC20 Competition
- Marketing Campaign Begins for Community Awareness of CRSM
- Teaser Video
- Press Release and Press Content
- ICO Pre Release Launch Moscow Crypto Expo
- London Blockchain Event - September 3-5

- World Blockchain Summit New Delhi
- Blog Portal Launch
- Video Marketing Campaign
- PR Effort will be 80% on the crypto currency/blockchain community and 20% industry specific
- Ambassador Program
- Social Media and Traditional Marketing Campaign
- ICO Launch at the Crypto Expo in Singapore
- CRYPTO 1000 Miami


-Begin Development for Blockchain Implementation on Carsmartt Software
- Begin Development on Carsmartt 2.0 (Jack Your Ride, Subscription Plans, Data Sales to Third Parties, AI Driverless Technology)
- Miami North American Bitcoin Conference

- Carsmartt 2.0 Release
- Begin Beta testing for features implementation (Jack Your Ride, Subscription Plans, Data Sales to Third Parties)
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Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
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Roy Capasso
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Diego Visconti
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Vito Visconti
RobertScott (Demo)
Robert Scott
Blockchain Director
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Giuseppe Monaco
Legal Advisor
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Simone Mori
Project Manager
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Valentina Barbiero
Art & UIX/UI Director
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Daniela Cortazar
Marketing Director
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Nino Arsovski
Art Director
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Jelena Arsovska
Software Engineer
Partners & Supporters
We Collaborate Only With The Best

Civic protects your identity with Blockchain-powered Decentralized Authentication solutions.
It will also support CoinSmartt ICO

Relevance House

Full-service blockchain and ICO marketing consulting agency. Guiding blockchain start-ups in building and communicating a relevant brand and story.


The digital ecosystem simplifying your world through AI, robotic, and human symbiosis.


Save money traveling with others to a shared destination!


One of the first retail store in USA for Mining Equipment!

Frequently Questions

In February CarSmartt signed a driverless vehicle contract with Aitheon, an emerging AI and Robotic entity, which raised about 25M and 25k Users in its ICO. We are also partnered with Mining Boys Inc, CarSmartt Inc and Civic.

A total of 5,895,238,095.24 tokens will be in circulation at the conclusion of the ICO.

Total: 5,895,238,095.24 Tokens

  • 10% Air Bounty and give away
  • 15% Team and Management
  • 15%Reserve
  • 20% Pre ICO Sales
  • 40% Main ICO

September 1st, 2018 @ 12pm EDT

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